Welcome to JADE!

The Jewish Association for Death Education (JADE) is a Jewish end of life nonprofit organization that provides education, guidance and support to people in the Jewish community, by offering access to and delivering Jewish wisdom along the end-of-life continuum.

Our mission is to provide educational tools, classes, and opportunities to the Jewish community, including those who serve them, about the Jewish ways in death and mourning.

What We Do:


JADE works with those organizations who support individuals and families by providing them tools and resources to help them understand and explain Jewish end-of-life practices and traditions through workshops, seminars, training programs and other tools.


JADE provides individuals and families comfort, information and options before and after the death of a loved one, to help guide them through the complex and often overwhelming process of funeral and burial planning.


JADE strives to create connections where open and honest conversations about death are welcomed and where individuals and families make meaningful informed decisions and find comfort when a loved one dies.

Call the JADEline

The JADELine is a community hotline for anyone who needs help finding answers to questions about Jewish end of life practices. Here are some sample questions you might call the JADELine with:

  • My relative just died – What do I do now?
  • Can I do a taharah at home?
  • How do I find a funeral director in my area who is familiar with Jewish end of life rituals?
  • What is shmirah?

Call 440-941-5233 (440-941-JADE)

You can also email David@JADEinfo.org.