Bridging Understanding in Jewish Traditions During Challenging Times

Our Approach to End-of-Life Education and Support


For a multitude of reasons, many Jews are not familiar with the profound beauty and richness of Jewish rituals and the comfort they can bring to family members at a most traumatic time. Too often we rely on professionals who may not have the tools needed to be fully knowledgeable and who may not be able to communicate information with the sensitivity, explanations and insight needed for a topic so infused with emotion. Though well meaning, they may never explain the depth and meaning of Jewish practices. This results in families not being aware, not being informed, not understanding, not resonating, or even outright rejecting Jewish traditions that can bring comfort and can begin the road to healing.


JADE works with the entire Jewish community, affiliated and unaffiliated, large cities and small towns, to provide education and information directly to the ultimate consumer and to those who provide services to them. JADE seeks to identify, and provide resources, to provide information in a way that is personal, sensitive, and meaningful, incorporating traditional Jewish practices in contemporary contexts.

JADE offers spiritual and educational resources to help people understand the rites, rituals, and processes surrounding death. We aim to fill a major void by providing a centralized resource for all the different elements of death and to help death become a mainstream conversation. JADE also provides ongoing education and training for individuals and other organizations that deal with end-of-life issues and bereavement.

Ultimately, JADE’s services aim to comfort families and help them make informed choices during the difficult time of losing a loved one.